Project Progress – Animation

January 26, 2009

Here is a playblast of one our characters moving with wearing a t-shirt made from n-cloth. As the video starts you can see the ncloth relax on the characters body.

While creating the trousers from ncloth, as can be seen in the video below the trousers fall off the character.

Into order to solve this problem we used the points to surface option to hold the ncloth on the character:

While creating the above playblast we found that the nCloth wasn’t working as we expected.


Project Progress – Lighting

January 26, 2009

Once we had textured the kitchen scene we  set up the lighting, shadows and reflections.



Project Progress – Rigging

January 25, 2009

Project Progress – Rigging

We ran into our first problem while trying to set the correct joint orientations today. We had set the character as Z-axis forward, the left hand side of the model facing X-axis and Y-axis facing upwards. But while trying to set our joint orientations the same way as our model the following error occurred; ‘no zero rotations occurred’.



As a result of a mistake we made earlier on in the rigging process which was using rotation instead of moving individual joints this prevented us orientating the individual joints in the fingers on both the right and left hands.


We fixed this by setting the rotational axis of the joints in the fingers back to zero. This allowed orientation be performed on the joints.

Below is a screen shot showing the first stage or rigging complete.


We then moved onto the start of setting up the IK Handles:


But while trying to set up the IK handles we ran into another problem that we couldn’t undo.

Plug-in: The Setup Machine

After further research into the the rigging of our characters we found a plug-in within Maya (The Setup Machine) that is specifically built in for helping to create rigs for characters and reducing time taken to set them up as opposed to doing them manually. Upon finding this plug-in we decided to use this plug-in to aid our rigging due to time constraints of our project.


Below is a screenshot of our character Ernest having been rigged and clothed.


Project Progress – Texturing

January 23, 2009

We modelled some spectacles for our character ‘Ernest’. We created our UV map for the spectacles.


We then altered the UV map so that the lenses had a degree of transparency. This means that when the specticles are on our character the eyes behind will still be visible.



The living room with most of the texturing complete:


Project Progress – Modelling

January 23, 2009

Screen shots of the process of modelling the kitchen:


Next we modeled the dinner set for the table.


During the modelling we tested using fur as a possible way of adding hair onto our characters. The result of this can be seen in the screen shot below.